James Bond Is Named After A Birdwatcher!

Daniel Craig Berenice Marlohe Skyfall Considering that James Bond is thought of today as one of the smoothest, most dashing characters ever created, it should surprise most people that his iconic name was borrowed from a bird expert.

The title of this post is a bit misleading, in that the real life James Bond was actually an ornithologist. That means he was a scientific expert on birds – particularly birds of the Caribbean – and he even wrote a book on the subject.

That’s how the character of James Bond got his name.

In 1953, Ian Fleming was looking for a name for his spy and wanted something that sounded as ordinary as possible. His original vision of the character was a man who was dull and uninteresting, but who had interesting things happening all around him. Fleming was a birdwatcher, and was familiar with a book written by the real James Bond called Birds of the West Indies.

Ironically, Fleming found the name “James Bond” boring, and therefore perfect for the secret agent he had in mind. 007 went on to live a very interesting life as a fictional spy.


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