Did We Really Go To The Moon?


Manned missions to the moon are possibly the greatest achievement of our species. But there are plenty of people who don’t believe they happened.

In fact, between 6- 20% of Americans believe that the moon landings were faked!

There are many supposed pieces of evidence to suggest that the moon landings were a hoax. According to conspiracy theorists, the United States realized that they weren’t going to be able to win the space race with the Soviet Union, so they faked the whole thing. Some even go so far as to say that acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick filmed the hoax, because his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey caught the attention of NASA.

Rather than debunking the conspiracy theories, which they’ve done here if you’re interested, let’s focus on a couple simple items.

First, the number of people who are involved in this conspiracy. At its height, the Apollo Program employed some 400,000 people, who were involved in the numerous facets of the project. Not to mention the 24 men who orbited the moon and twelve who walked on it would have to be lying. A conspiracy that size would be almost impossible to keep quiet.

Second, and most importantly, there are photos of the lunar landing sites. You can see the landing vehicle, footprints, and even the American flag. It’s all still there as if 40 years hadn’t passed at all. The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, so the only thing to erode the evidence of the landings would be meteorites. That could take a while.

If the implausibility doesn’t convince you, and seeing the evidence with your own eyes doesn’t either, you’ll never be convinced. That’s okay, but there’s a mountain of evidence to support the idea that humans conquered the moon.


2 thoughts on “Did We Really Go To The Moon?

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